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Enchanted Scent Memories

Whimsy Bars (Scents M-Z)

Whimsy Bars (Scents M-Z)

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These beautiful Whimsy bars are easily snappable. Snap off a chunk or two for amazing throwing scent!

Each Whimsy bar weighs approx 3 oz. but most over.

Style, Design & Colors will vary. 

Matcha Blossom - Matcha Blossom is a captivating floral scent that blends sweet green tea blossoms with orange blossoms and freshly brewed matcha tea. A touch of benzoin and bergamot essence elevate this fragrance, lending a warm & citrusy note to the blend.
Mezcals on the Pier - The tang of an ocean breeze combines with bergamot, peaches, melon, and mandarin which are enhanced by freesia blossoms and water lilies. The old wooden pier sends whispers of amber and musk and salty sea moss into the air around you.
Moonlit Serenade - Sweet, starlit notes of jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia, harmonize with tart berries. comforting sandalwood, and warming amber.
Mystic Black Chai - Black Tea, Chai and mysterious spices. 
Ocean Rose - Sweet mandarin and wildflower honey with middle notes of lily and rose to create a beautiful airy, floral fragrance oil. Hints of woody amber and powder in the base provide a rich, earthy balance to the clean floral notes.
Ocean Waves - White nectarine and ozonic accord, white thyme, lavender and water hyacinth on a dry base of silvery green balsam, vanilla salve and neroli.
Ombre Leather - Tom Ford type, Leather, Oakmoss, patchouli, & violet leaf, Jasmine sambac & spicy cardamom.
Pineapple Whip - Super sweet and tart, fresh cut pineapple blended with sweet delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream.
Pink Boardwalk Bling - Pink Chiffon, Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds and Blackberry Bling.
Pink Pineapple Sunrise - Sweet Pink Pineapple, Citrus, Cane Sugar, Strawberry, Guava Nectar, Musk.
Pink Tie Dye - Pink lady apples, water lotus and cotton blossoms. 
Pinkies Up - Earl Grey Tea & Lavender Milk.
Pipe Tobacco - A rich blend of fresh tobacco.
Pistachio Gelato - Pistachio Gelato is a sweet gourmand blending rich pistachio and hazelnut with warm, intoxicating rum. It evolves into a sweet concoction of whipped cream, marshmallow, and cotton candy, creating an indulgent, sugary experience.
Pistachio Ice Cream - Pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla bean.
Polynesian Crush - Polynesian Hibiscus, Blooming Plumeria, tiare flower, Pineapple, papaya, palm fronds, soft Amber, white musk, warm spices.
Poolside - Aqueous notes, Dewy notes, Fresh notes, Humid notes.
Pretzel - Whole wheat accord, soy milk, crisp crust, fresh baked pretzel accord and rich creamy butter, maple bark, brown sugar, vanilla extract.
Pumpkin Honey Chai - Nuts, Vanilla, Milk, Honey, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Chai.
Pumpkin Peanut Brittle - Super sweet, crunchy caramel brittle with loads of salted peanuts and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Rain Barrel - Watery notes, Ozone, Lemon, Musk, Amber, Greenery, lavender, Cedarwood.
Rainbow Waves - Hints of sugared lemons, agave nectar, and mandarin.
Raspberry Green Tea - Fresh Picked Raspberries and Green Tea.
Raspberry Milk - Dive into an embrace of delicate rose syrup, the vibrant tang of sun-kissed crushed raspberries, and the comforting finale of velvety milk.
Raspberry Zinger - Sweet raspberry and toasted coconut, buttercream frosting, freshly baked yellow sponge cake.
Rattan & Sea Salt - Aquatic and green notes, enlivened with a pop of star fruit and sea salt, peony and wet woods.
Rio Carnival - Step into the vibrant heart of Brazil with Rio Carnival. Bright notes of Brazilian mandarin fuse seamlessly with the delicate essence of lotus flowers. As the heart unfolds, a vivid bouquet of magenta rose, enchanting osmanthus, and sun-kissed peach blossoms dance spiritedly, capturing the essence of festive passion. The celebration lingers on with a sultry blend of red sandalwood and the evocative whispers of night phlox.
Rose Water & Meringue - Fresh rose water, spun pink sugar, creamy vanilla bean with sweet, long-lasting musk and amber.
Salted Pretzel Milkshake - Fresh soft-serve ice cream, vanilla, caramel and chocolate combined with salty, savory notes of pretzel bits and salted caramel.
Sea Spray & Linen - Sea Spray, Sun Dried Linen, Morning Dew, White Jasmine, Blue Denim, Cyclamen Petals, Coconut Milk, Amber Woods, Soft Musk.
Seaside Dreams - Tahiti Island Dreams, Seaside Cotton.
Shark Bite - High Tide,  Vampire Blood, Bermuda Triangle. 
Sleep Tight - Bedtime Bath, Baby Clean & Snuggles.
Storm Watch - Like the moist, cleansing ocean air before a storm. 
Straight Savage: A house blend of Sauvage Dior + Black Opium.
Strawberry Musk - Heady, sweet, rich, strawberries and musk.
Strawberry Poundcake - Fresh strawberries, golden shortcake and whipped cream.
Strawberry Shortcake - Buttery vanilla cake with notes of freshly sliced strawberries, with base notes of rich vanilla cream. 
Summer Laundry - Gain, Snuggles, Seaside Cotton.
Sunshine & Tan Lines - Beaches & Beach Cabana. 
Sweet Dreamz - Bedtime Bath, Children's Room & Swedish Dream Salt. 
Sweet Heat - Ozone, Chili Pepper, Mandarin, Guava, Orange, Coconut, Peppercorn.
Sweet Loverboy - Sweater Weather, Blackberry and Cotton Candy.
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - Sassy, saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk.
Taro Ice Cream - This fragrance elegantly intertwines the rich, nutty scent of fresh taro mash with the luxurious and creamy notes of coconut milk, all delicately balanced with a whisper of sweet vanilla.
Tomato Vines - Tomato Leaf, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Thyme, Basil, Moss, Green Leaves.
Tres Leches Cake - Tres Leches Cake is an ultra light sponge cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture. This fragrance oil smells like creamy milk, butter, vanilla and sponge cake.
Tropical Nights (Sol De Janeiro type) - Mandarin, night blooming jasmine, patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean, tobacco leaf Absolute.
Ultimate Cotton Candy Cake - Cotton Candy Dreams, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo & Sweet white cake. 
Under the Sea - Raw coconut, pink pomelo and kiwi nectar; rain soaked palm, pineapple leaves and custard apple, sun bleached driftwood, vanilla orchid and sugar cane.
Vanilla Lace & Pearls -Blend of French vanilla with African vanilla on a dry down of sweet flower and musk.
Watermelon Sorbet - An explosion of juicy, ripe watermelon and honeydew mixed with kiwi and strawberries on top of a bed of heady tropical flowers, white musk, and vanilla sugar.
Weekend Shenanigans - Summer fresh flowers, berry sorbet, light coconut, soothing warm musk and sandalwood
When in Rio (Sol De Janeiro type) - Wild Bergamot, Twilight Jasmine, luscious pears and sweet vanilla.
Whipped Berry Meringue - Freshly picked berries, blended with whipped sugar and fluffy vanilla.
Whiskey & Oak - Sherry, Whiskey & Woods.
White Nectarine & Pink Coral - Sweet nectarine, bergamot, orange, pink coral, gardenia, violet petals, soothing musk.
White Peach Sangria - Juicy strawberries, succulent pineapple, ripe peaches, jasmine, creamy coconut, musk and a touch of basil.
White Tea & Ginger - Stimulate your senses with this hypnotic blend of citrus notes, rich florals, and warm underlying musk and wood notes.
Zombie Island - Clean citrus, soft ozone and watery notes.

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