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Enchanted Scent Memories

Mini Snaps

Mini Snaps

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Beautiful wax shaped Mini Snap bars.

Each Mini Snap weighs Approx 2oz.

Style, Design & Colors will vary. May or may not be decorated. 

Amalfi Coast - Invigorating blend of freesia, Lavender and lime. An inspired scent from the coast of Italy.
Banana Palm Leaf - A sophisticated scent displaying tropical fusion nuances of pineapple leaves, dragon apple, banana puree and palm wood.
Barbershop - A clean, musky blend of basil leaf, bergamot, and woody spice reminiscent of a classic, dapper old-time barbershop.
Black Currant & Absinthe - Anise, Eucalyptus, Saffron, Blackberry, Black Currant, Basil, Fennel, Dark Musk, Tonka Bean, Amber.
Blueberry Sugar Cookie - A house blend of Blueberries and Sugar Cookies.
Children's Room - Sweet violet petals and old fashioned powder with a light floral top note.
Coconut Creme - Fresh grated coconut is perfectly balanced with a rich accord of creamed custard to create the signature of this scent. Hints of toasted pastry and a smooth vanilla bean background.
Earl Grey & Apple - Earl Grey tea leaves, black teas, chamomile, shaved ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmegs, cloves, anise, vanilla, cognac and geranium.
Fluffy Marshmallow - The irresistible aroma of soft, puffy marshmallows.
Garden Mint & Cucumber - Fresh spa aroma of Mexican lime, bergamot, and rosy peach, followed by middle notes notes of green cucumber, garden mint, and lemon zest; sitting on base notes of cornmint, young sprouts, and white musk.
Matcha & Bergamot - Tea lovers will delight in this harmonious blend steeped with notes of bright bergamot, lemon, and orange accords resting on a tranquil bed of earthy matcha, black tea, and a pinch of salt. A grounded base of sandalwood and cream round out this introspective scent.
Merlot Wine - Velvety nuances of plums, apples, red raspberries and strawberries which combine with a light alcoholic and spicy background.
Pacific Coast - Lemon Zest, Sea Ozone, Greens, Lily, Jasmine, Marine Waters, Cedarwood, Coastal Musk, Dark Amber
Pink Dragonfruit - An irresistible tropical fruit fusion.
Pink Petal Tea & Cakes - Bergamot, orange, red berries, pink rose petals, poundcake, jasmine, vanilla glaze, violet leaves, light musk
Rainbow - A fragrance burst of colors.
Raspberry Jam Donut - Freshly made raspberry jam filled donuts.
Royaltea - Black Tea and lemon.
Starfruit Lime - Sparkling starfruit and lime zest, along with sweet kiwi and pineapple, mixed with aromatic wood.
Strawberry Peach Champagne - Bubbly fizzy champagne undertones mixed with sweet strawberries and peaches.
Suede & Peony - Lemon zest, apple blossoms, and fresh spring air, gardenia, rose, and peony, subtle blush suede, patchouli, and sheer musk.
Sunshine & Lemons - Yuzu, Lemon, Grapefruit, Sweet Musk.
White Tea & Ginger - Stimulate your senses with this hypnotic blend of citrus notes, rich florals, and warm underlying musk and wood notes.
White Woods & Mahogany - Summer teakwood, sunlight, mahogany, fresh apple, pear, coconut, driftwood and white woods.
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